Tools of the Trade

What kind of teaching tools do we use at the Brainery? From Khan Academy to Blockly, we use a variety of learning tech.

Khan Academy Computer Science: Khan Academy is a collaborative environment for learning the fundamentals of coding. It features interactive video tutorials narrated by Vi Hart, a recreational mathemusician (A what? Check her out. She’s awesome!), visual canvases, step-by-step evaluation of code and an active, helpful community. With Khan Academy you will learn JavaScript, the language that is used on most web applications and websites. It is very a forgiving language and a great place to start.

Blockly: Blockly is a visual coding language, created by Google. It is a nice, gentle introduction to coding (especially for the artistic types!) because you can create real programs by manipulating visual code pieces. It’s a lot like an interactive puzzle!

Hackety Hack: Hackety Hack is an environment to learn Ruby, a coding language that can be used to create desktop applications, websites and more.

Scratch: Scratch, created by MIT, is very similar to Blockly (a visual coding language) but offers a collaborative environment. Scratch allows you to create music, animations and games.