Tell me more, please!

We offer regular Fall and Spring sessions, a Winter Code Jam and a Summer Camp. Fall and Spring sessions meet for 2 hours once a week for 10 weeks. 

“What if I don’t have a computer?” you ask.

Well, it just so happens we have a laptop for you to borrow! We will provide laptops for students to use during class AND take home, if you choose. In order to take the laptop home, parents will need to sign a waiver and students will need to sign an authorized use agreement. We really want you to be able to explore and practice what you are learning, so we are more than happy to lend these laptops out!

“What do I need to bring with me?” you ask.

If you are borrowing a laptop from us, bring it with you every class. If you are bringing a laptop from home, bring it with you every class. You should also bring headphones or earbuds for watching videos on your own. Here’s something silly that people often forget... if you don’t plug your laptop in... it will run out of juice! So please be sure to bring your power adapter with you! If coding gives you a voracious appetite, bring a snack!

“What will we do?” you ask.

We will be dividing our time together between exploring independently, exploring in groups or with partners, completing challenges and completing a project or two. Feeling competitive? Prepare for a couple challenges that end in prizes! We will also have a few guest speakers from local companies who either code full-time, use code in a different industry, or use coders for various purposes. This is your chance to ask them questions about their job, the industry and their love for coding!

“What will I get out of this?” you ask.

This is an excellent question. Obviously, we hope you learn some basic coding, but coding isn’t the only skill we hope to foster. Employers today are looking for employees with 21st century skills: creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Coding is a creative process. “But computer people are left brained, right?” Yes and no. It really does take equal contributions from both sides of the brain to be an excellent coder. Coders often work in teams, if you have great collaborative skills and can get objectives accomplished you will be ahead of the curve. Coders are often included as a technical voice in the creating of proposals for jobs, making communication skills vital to being a successful employee. Critical thinking is something that EVERYONE needs for all parts of their life. The ability to stop, recognize a problem, analyze possible solutions, along with their pros and cons, and then follow through with a solution is a skill that is used in everything from what foods to eat to what stocks to invest in.