Learning to Code is Vital!

Take a look through some of these articles to see exactly why STEM education and, more specifically, learning to code is a vital skill in today’s ever-changing world.

“Coding is becoming as essential as other life skills without the expectation of a career. You should learn to cook and not expect to become a world class chef, or learn to swim and not expect to compete with Michael Phelps this upcoming Olympics.” - Natt Garun


The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that computer science is a fast growing field with jobs in many fields ranging from biology to finance.


“...Studies clearly indicate that ‘student-centered instructional strategies can positively influence students’ learning, achievement, and knowledge retention, as compared with traditional instructional methods.’ It specifically cites such approaches as making lectures more interactive, having students work in groups, and incorporating authentic problems and activities into coursework as being superior to traditional lectures….”


Here is a great Q&A about the benefits of STEM education for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.