Free Mini Class for Girls!

Hey girls! Not sure about this coding stuff? Want to learn more but aren't sure if it's your thing...? 

You may have heard recently that some big tech companies released their workforce diversity data. If you looked through the data, you saw that women are seriously underrepresented in the technical jobs at these companies. For example, at Facebook and Yahoo, only 15% of the technical jobs are peformed by women; Google has a slightly higher rate with 17% of technical jobs being perfomed by women. Is this because women can't code? NO WAY. Girls are simply not exposed to code as often as boys at critical future-shaping times such as middle school.

Want to flip the script? Want to learn how awesome coding really is? Want to do it with other cool chicks who share your interest? 

We are offering a chance for you to check it out, for FREE!

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