Level 1

Level 1 classes are for students with little to no programming background.

This class will focus on the basic concepts of procedural programming that apply to many different programming languages. The language we will mostly be using is JavaScript. JavaScript is what most websites and web applications use and is a great language for beginners because it is very forgiving.

Our time in class will be spent working independently on lessons, working together as a class and collaborating with classmates to solve problems and find bugs.

With this class, students are given the chance to make connections to subjects and topics taught in their traditional school classrooms, such as math, art and language arts. We also make a point to integrate real world terminology and ideas that are used in technology companies today. 

Our goal for this class is to get students excited about the all the possibilities open to them through coding. 

Level 2

Level 2 classes picks up where Level 1 left off, to continue to give students a thorough understanding of programming basics.

In this class, students will build on the concepts they learned in Level 1 by combining and adding new skills to manipulate the code. We will again use a combination of teacher-directed lessons and activities, student-directed independent challenges, projects and collaborative discussion to gain a thorough understanding of coding basics. We will, again, be focusing mainly on JavaScript.

Our goal for this class is for students to begin to find out what it takes to go from an idea for a program to an actual product. We will continue to introduce real world terminology and best practices that are used in technology companies today.

Level 3

In Level 3, students will begin to take creative control of their code while producing a more complex program.

In Level 3, students will begin to plan and execute their own long-term projects. This will require students to have a thorough understanding of coding basics, and a willingness to work through complex problems. In this level, we move from a focus on teacher-directed lessons and challenges, to student-directed lessons and projects. Students will experience what it means to take a project from an idea to reality. Hint: Perseverance! Problem Solving! Creative Thinking!

Already an EWB veteran? Great! Learn about our Individual Learning Plan!

Committed learners who stay around beyond third level classes will have an individualized learning plan developed. A roadmap of programming aptitude milestones will be developed for each student, and his or her progress will be tracked accordingly. Student code will be reviewed in-between classes by professional programmers who will provide individual notes and feedback to guide the student.

Level 4